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The easiest way to start developing on Aztec is simply to click on one of these buttons:

One-Click React Starter One-Click HTML/TS Starter One-Click Token Starter

That's it!

This creates a codespace with a prebuilt image containing one of the "Aztec Boxes" and a development network (sandbox).

  • You can develop directly on the codespace, push it to a repo, make yourself at home.
  • You can also just use the sandbox that comes with it. The URL will be logged, you just need to use it as your PXE_URL.

Develop Locally

The above method uses Aztec boxes to install the sandbox and clone the repo. You can use it too to get started on your own machine and use your own IDE.

You can also install the sandbox manually.


Run the npx script

With the node installation, you now should have npm and be able to run npx scripts. You can do that by running:

npx create-aztec-app

And follow the instructions. If all goes well, you should now have a development environment running locally on your machine.

You can run npx create-aztec-app sandbox -h to start, stop, update and output logs from the sandbox.

What's next?

To deploy a smart contract to your sandbox and interact with it using Aztec.js, go to the next page.

To skip this and write your first smart contract, go to the getting started page.