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Aztec: Ethereum, encrypted

On Ethereum today, everything is publicly visible, by everyone.

In the real world, people enjoy privacy.

Aztec brings privacy to Ethereum.

Build with confidence.

Design, build, and deploy private smart contracts with the following features:

  • Private functions
  • Private arguments
  • Private persistent state
  • Private bytecode
  • Private deployments
  • Private execution
  • Private transactions
  • Private contract composability
  • Encrypted state transitions
  • Encrypted logs


  • Composability with Ethereum L1
  • Access to Ethereum's L1 liquidity
  • Cheap, public logic, if you need it
  • Cheap, public persistent state, if you need it


Visit the getting started section for an introduction.

Go to the Tutorials section to dive into some more advanced walkthroughs.

But what is Aztec?

Aztec encrypts Ethereum.

Aztec is the privacy layer of Ethereum.

Aztec is a private smart contract platform.

Aztec is a fully programmable private smart contract platform.

Aztec is an Ethereum Layer 2.

Aztec is a zk-zk rollup.

Aztec is a hybrid private/public rollup.

Aztec is a network.

Still confused? Explore these docs!


We are building the Aztec network in public. Keep up with the latest discussion and join the conversation in the Aztec forum and check out our code on Github.