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Aztec's Vision

We are building the Aztec Network, a fully programmable private ZK-rollup on Ethereum to enable developers to create decentralized applications with encryption and scale.

These are our core values.


The only true zero-knowledge rollup, built with a privacy-first UTXO architecture to allow developers to build privacy preserving programable applications.

It refers to the ability of Aztec smart contract to have private (encrypted) state. Aztec abstracts away many of the complexities associated with managing private state, providing developers with an interface that feels familiar, but is much more powerful.

Aztec provides a secure, private environment for the execution of sensitive operations, ensuring private information and decrypted data are not accessible to unauthorized applications.

When a user sends a private transaction on the network, the only information that an external observer can infer is that a transaction was sent.


Proving transaction validity via recursive aggregation of zero-knowledge proofs, significantly reduces transaction costs, keeping the protocol accessible to the masses.


We believe decentralization is premised on individual rights — without widely accessible encryption, we compromise our ability to choose how we live our lives and earn our livelihoods.

Aztec is building a permissionless, censorship resistant, peer-to-peer network. It aims to be credibly neutral, where the same transparent rules apply to everyone, enforced by the protocol.

Aztec will have a network of sequencers that stake tokens to participate in the network. Sequencers are responsible for aggregating transactions into a block, generating proofs of the state updates (or delegating proof generation to the prover network) and posting it to the rollup contract on Ethereum, along with any required public data for data availability.


The programmable nature of Aztec smart contracts, enables dApp developers to code privacy-preserving audit and compliance checks into apps, while fully preserving a credible neutral protocol layer. goals, we are pioneering the cryptography and research needed to bring our next generation, privacy-preserving zk-roll-up to mainnet.


We are building Aztec as transparently as we can. The documents published here are living documents. The protocol, sandbox, language, and tools are all subject to change over time.

Please see here for details of known Aztec protocol and Aztec Sandbox limitations.

If you would like to help us build Aztec:

  • Contribute code on GitHub; or
  • Join in forum discussions.