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  • See cryptography/
  • Describe what we desire the protocol to be; not what it is today.
  • Define/describe:
    • an oracle
  • More detail and precisely-named definitions relating to note hashes (inner, unique, siloed, ...) and nullifiers.
  • Clear descriptions of the precompiles for handshaking & note tagging. Including the encoding of logs (header, body, ephemeral keys, etc.)
  • Poseidon hash for all trees?
  • Maybe describe all hashes on one page?
  • For all hashes: Describe exact ordering of preimage values. Describe the encoding of each preimage value. State the hash to use. Include a domain separator. Give the hash a unique name. Is there anything weird like truncating an output to fit in a field? If possible, describe the property(or properties) we want from the hash (collision resistance?, 2nd preimage resistance? pseudo-random function? hash to curve?).
  • Consistently use the same name for each concept throughout. Link to it the first time it’s mentioned on a page. When introducing a ‘thing’, try to put it in a section with a subtitle which matches that thing’s name.
  • Structs (or tables) (clearly named and typed, in a subsection) for everything whose layout we should know!
  • Who is going to write the specs for:
    • Data bus?
    • RAM/ROM?
    • Circuit arithmetisation
    • Custom Gates
    • The proving system (honk, goblin, protogalaxy, etc.)
  • Spec logs better!
    • Use data bus?
    • Allow several (4 or 8 or something) fields to be emitted by a function, before needing to sha256 the data?
    • Have a 'reset' circuit to sha256 logs?
    • Will there be space in the data bus for logs?
    • Resolve 'impersonation' discussions (see the forum)


  • Custom types
  • Constants
    • Subdivided into categories:
      • Circuit constants
      • Tree constants
      • Seq Selection constants
      • P2P constants
      • Block constants
  • Serialization & Deserialization
  • Encodings
  • Hashing
  • Merkleization
  • Key derivation algorithms

Layout: highlight out-of-protocol information in a box.

Abstraction & Standardisation:

  • Account abstraction
  • Constructor abstraction
  • Nonce abstraction
  • Fee abstraction
  • Tx Hash abstraction

Every struct, constant, other definition, needs a corresponding subheading with that exact name, somewhere in the docs? Might get ugly...