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How to Participate?

Decentralization is one of our core values, so we want to encourage participation as much as possible and in any way you can.

Improve the protocol

Contribute code

  • Check out the monorepo on GitHub here
  • We have some good first issues for newcomers
  • Anyone can open an issue, so please feel free to create one
  • If you've built something for the ecosystem that others should see, add it to the Awesome-Aztec Repo


  • The Aztec Labs Grants Program supports developers building with, and contributing to, the Noir programming language and the Aztec network. Applications can submitted on the Grants page of the Aztec website.
  • We are currently operating with a retroactive grants funding model, and we strive to respond back to grants applications with a decision within a few days. Check out our grants page for more information