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Smart Contracts

This section is a collection of how-to guides and references for building smart contracts with

If you are looking for an overview of how smart contracts work, head to the Concepts section.

What is is a framework for writing Aztec smart contracts.


Noir is a domain specific language for creating and verifying proofs. Its design choices are influenced heavily by Rust.

A smart contract is just a collection of persistent state variables, and a collection of functions which may edit those state variables.

An Aztec smart contract is a smart contract with private state variables and private functions. is a framework for writing Aztec smart contracts, written in Noir.

Getting started

Install aztec-nargo

To write an contract, you need to the compiler, aztec-nargo which is installed when you install the sandbox. See install instructions here.


For those coming from vanilla Noir, the version used for is tracked separately to nargo for vanilla Noir. Be sure to use aztec-nargo to compile your contracts.

Install the Noir Language Support extension to get syntax highlighting, syntax error detection and go-to definitions for your Aztec contracts.

Once the extension is installed, go to your VSCode settings, search for "noir" and update the Noir: Nargo Path field to point to your aztec-nargo executable.

You can print the path of your aztec-nargo executable by running:

which aztec-nargo

Install Noir tooling

There are a number of tools to make writing contracts in Noir more pleasant. See here.


See the Private Voting tutorial for more info on getting set up to write contracts.

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