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Published Gas & Fee Data

When a block is published to L1, it includes information about the gas and fees at a block-level, and at a transaction-level.

Block-level Data

The block header contains a GlobalVariables, which contains a GasFees object. This object contains the following fields:

  • feePerDaGas: The fee in FPA per unit of DA gas consumed for transactions in the block.
  • feePerL2Gas: The fee in FPA per unit of L2 gas consumed for transactions in the block.

GlobalVariables also includes a coinbase field, which is the L1 address that receives the fees.

The block header also contains a totalFees field, which is the total fees collected in the block in FPA.

Updating the GasFees Object

Presently, the feePerDaGas and feePerL2Gas are fixed at 1 FPA per unit of DA gas and L2 gas consumed, respectively.

In the future, these values may be updated dynamically based on network conditions.

Gas Targets

Should we move to a 1559-style fee market with block-level gas targets, there is an interesting point where gas "used" presently includes the entire teardown_gas_allocation regardless of how much of that allocation was spent. In the future, if this becomes a concern, we can update our accounting to reflect the true gas used for the purposes of updating the GasFees object, though the user will be charged the full teardown_gas_allocation regardless.

Transaction-level Data

The transaction data which is published to L1 is a TxEffects object, which includes

  • transaction_fee: the fee paid by the transaction in FPA