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Calling Other Functions

A contract is a collection of persistent state variables, and functions which may manipulate these variables. Functions and state variables within a contract's scope are said to belong to that contract. A contract can only access and modify its own state. If a contract wishes to access or modify another contract's state, it must make a call to an external function of the other contract. For anything to happen on the Aztec network, an external function of a contract needs to be called.


A contract may be declared and given a name using the contract keyword (see snippet below). By convention, contracts are named in PascalCase.

contract keyword
contract MyContract {

// Imports

// Storage

// Functions
A note for vanilla Noir devs

There is no main() function within a Noir contract scope. More than one function can be an entrypoint.

Directory structure

Here's a common layout for a basic Contract project:

─── my_aztec_contract_project
├── src
│ ├── <-- your contract
└── Nargo.toml <-- package and dependency management
  • See the vanilla Noir docs for more info on packages.
  • You can review the structure of a complete contract in the token contract tutorial here.