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The world's encrypted ledger

Our vision is to create a fairer, more open financial eco-system, built with encryption at its core.

We believe decentralization is premised on individual rights — without widely accessible encryption, we compromise our ability to choose how we live our lives and earn our livelihoods.

We are building the Aztec Network, a fully programmable private ZK-rollup on Ethereum to enable developers to create decentralized applications with encryption and scale.


  • Private.: The only true zero-knowledge rollup, built with a privacy-first UTXO architecture to allow developers to build privacy preserving programable applications.
  • Accessible.: Proving transaction validity via recursive aggregation of zero-knowledge proofs, significantly reduces transaction costs, keeping the protocol accessible to the masses.
  • Compliant: The programmable nature of Aztec smart contracts, enables dApp developers to code privacy-preserving audit and compliance checks into apps, while fully preserving a credible neutral protocol layer.

Zac Williamson, CEO and Co-founder, Aztec

“When we started Aztec, the technology to scale blockchains privately didn’t exist. Since then, we’ve assembled a team of world-class cryptographers who continuously redefine the state-of-the-art. Inventing PLONK — the paradigm-defining universal zk-SNARK — showcases our ability to produce technology that matches our ambitions: unlocking an entire universe of blockchain applications that couldn’t exist without privacy.”

To achieve these goals, we are pioneering the cryptography and research needed to bring our next generation, privacy-preserving zk-roll-up to mainnet.