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This section will guide you through all aspects of Aztec. You'll be building contracts, writing tests with Aztec.js, and exploring more aspects of the sandbox on the way.

It is recommended to follow them in order, beginning with the private voting contract through to the uniswap contract with e2e test.

Here's an overview of what you'll learn in each:

Writing a private voting smart contract in

  • Interacting with hybrid state in
  • Access control
  • Writing custom nullifiers

Check it out.

Writing a token contract in

  • More complex types and interactions in
  • How a real smart contract could look
  • A theoretical look at cross-chain interactions

Check it out.

Writing a DApp

  • How all the pieces of Aztec fit together
  • Structuring an Aztec project

Check it out.

Build a Token Bridge

  • Public and private cross-chain communication with Ethereum
  • More details into what the Sandbox is capable of

Check it out.

Swap on L1 Uniswap from L2 with Portals

  • A more complex example of cross-chain communication

Note - this builds on the code previously written in the Token Bridge tutorial.

Check it out.