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On this page you will find information about libraries and up-to-date paths for use in your Nargo.toml.


aztec = { git="", tag="aztec-packages-v0.42.0", directory="noir-projects/aztec-nr/aztec" }

This is the core Aztec library that is required for every smart contract.


authwit = { git="", tag="aztec-packages-v0.42.0", directory="noir-projects/aztec-nr/authwit"}

This allows you to use authentication witnesses in your contract. Find more about its usage here.

Address note

address_note = { git="", tag="aztec-packages-v0.42.0", directory="noir-projects/aztec-nr/address-note" }

This is a library for utilizing notes that hold addresses. Find it on GitHub.

Easy private state

easy_private_state = { git="", tag="aztec-packages-v0.42.0", directory="noir-projects/aztec-nr/easy-private-state" }

This is an abstraction library for using private variables like EasyPrivateUint.

Protocol Types

protocol_types = { git="", tag="aztec-packages-v0.42.0", directory="noir-projects/noir-protocol-circuits/crates/types"}

This library contains types that are used in the Aztec protocol. Find it on GitHub.

Value note

value_note = { git="", tag="aztec-packages-v0.42.0", directory="noir-projects/aztec-nr/value-note" }

This is a library for a note that stores one arbitrary value. You can see an example of how it might be used in the token contract tutorial.