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Aztec macros

All Aztec macros

In addition to the function macros in Noir, Aztec also has its own macros for specific functions. An Aztec contract function can be annotated with more than 1 macro. It is also worth mentioning Noir's unconstrained function type here.

  • #[aztec(public)] or #[aztec(private)] - Whether the function is to be executed from a public or private context (see Further Reading)
  • #[aztec(initializer)] - If one or more functions are marked as an initializer, then one of them must be called before any non-initilizer functions
  • #[aztec(noinitcheck)] - The function is able to be called before an initializer (if one exists)
  • #[aztec(view)] - Makes calls to the function static (see also Static calls)
  • #[aztec(internal)] - Function can only be called from within the contract
  • #[aztec(note)] - Creates a custom note

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